Mothering Matters Switzerland only exists due to the tireless efforts of our dedicated team of volunteers. They plan issues, source material, manage writing teams, research and write excellent content, copy-edit, run the website, manage social media, plan and host events, manage sponsors, run contests, and many other small, unseen tasks that help get our bi-monthly issues out the door. A big thanks to all of you!

Behind the Scenes

Andrea Snashall keeps the Mothering Matters ship running, often serves as editor, social media coordinator and contributes many articles. Andrea grew up in Western Australia and moved to Switzerland in 2001. She has a son and a daughter and has been a Mothering Matters Team Member since 2004.

Carol McDonald copy-edits every issue and runs our writing and poetry contests. Carol has lived in Zurich with her family for the past 17 years. She is happy that her children grew up in a city where the forest is never far away, children are encouraged to walk to school, and kindergarten and school “forest days” don’t get cancelled just because of a little rain.

Tanya Deans manages the Mothering Matters website, looks after the In The Kitchen column, and writes the occasional article. She writes the travel blog, Moms:Tots:Zurich, which focuses on hiking in Switzerland with kids and other family-friendly activities in Switzerland. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Tanya is originally from California and has lived in Zurich since 2005, raising two boys. 

Clare Ferrari manages our sponsors. Originally from GB and in the Zurich area for over ten years, Clare is kept busy with her two teens and her work.

Kate Prinsloo contributes to Mothering Matters’ social media and excursions. Kate is an American mom to two girls, living in Zurich. She also blogs about her family travel adventures. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Iliana Eichholzer manages our finance. She has three children and has been a Mothering Matters Team Member for well over ten years. The original Mothering Matter’s Parenting Fair (now International Community Fair) was her baby.


These volunteers write bi-monthly columns for Mothering Matters.

Monica Shah is our education specialist and writes for our Education Matters column. Monica is the founder of Children First, an international pre-school, nursery and kindergarten in Zürich. She enjoys living and working in Zurich and hiking in Switzerland with her 14-year-old son whose favourite sports are Taekwondo and Cricket.

Tammy Furey writes for our Expat Corner column. Tammy is a coach, educator, writer and blogger who lives in St. Gallen, Switzerland with her husband and daughter whilst attempting (badly) to speak German, fold her paper recycling in the correct manner and finish writing her book ( Visit her at

Dr. Jahura Hossain writes our Family Health column. Jahura is a U.K.-qualified doctor, born and brought up in London. She has worked in hospitals, general practice, public health, prison medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Brian Wilson, father of three children, writes for our Fathering column. He teaches golf and coordinates a Zurich Dads’ group in his spare time.

Beth Brupbacher writes for our La Leche League column. Beth is an LLL Leader who runs meetings in Zurich Oerlikon (check the webpage for schedule details). All mothers are welcome to LLL meetings, whether they are needing help and/or support or are just looking to meet with other like-minded mothers for some informal conversation.

Joanna Koch shares the coordination of our La Leche League column. Joanna is a busy mother and grandmother, La Leche League leader, tireless worker for community projects and a founding member of Mothering Matters – Switzerland.

Dr. Teresa Müller looks after our Out & About column. Teresa is an earth scientist and instructor by education and an avid traveler and adventurer by nature. She has three sons ages 32, 19, and 16.

Karin Mohler writes for our Third Culture Matters column. Karin has lived between cultures for her entire life and has come to the conclusion that this will always be a big part of her. Having no roots doesn’t bind her anywhere in particular, but she is careful not to impose that sense upon her children, who have been born and bred in Switzerland. She has taken a lot of inspiration for understanding her “in-betweenness” from the book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up among Worlds, by D. C. Pollock and R. V. Reken (2009).

Didi writes for our Twinville column. She is an Egyptian mother of twin girls living in Zurich. Before having the twins she worked in the field of economic development. She is currently a stay-at-home mom focused on the growth and development of her daughters.

Regular Contributors

These writers regularly contribute articles to Mothering Matters issues.

Aradhna Sethi. Aradhna Sethi is the author of “The Entrepreneur’s Wife – A Survival Guide”.  She has held roles of responsibility as the  chief editor and consulting editor for English language publications. Aradhna blogs and writes for various online and print platforms while balancing the demands of growing up kids and her entrepreneurial husband. Follow her on, and on Twitter.

Michelle Seaton Witte is a She Births® accredited birth educator, birth preparation yoga teacher and hypnotherapist in training in Zurich. Find out more at and on her Facebook page

Franziska Wick. Fran is a Swiss mum of two small girls who spent many years in London with her family. She runs a small online shop with British kids’ things, called Goose and Parrot, and blogs about British food and other British stories on the Goose and Parrot blog.

Roz Bonomally. Roz is a mum of three and a medical writer. She is British but has lived in Norway, Australia and Switzerland. You can read about her thoughts on life as a nomadic family on her blog, reflections from a wandering mind.

Kate Orson is a Hand in Hand Parenting instructor and mother to a four-year-old daughter. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Basel, Switzerland. She is the author of Tears Heal: How to Listen to Our Children. Connect with Kate on Facebook or follow her blog Listening to Tears.

Melissa Birchler left behind the shores of sunny Sydney in 2011 and now lives with her Swiss man, his four children and their new baby outside Zurich. She is a freelance journalist and writer who is currently muddling her way through motherhood and its challenges in a foreign country.

Joanna Koch. Joanna has been involved in  Mothering Matters since the beginning. She is a mother and grandmother as well as a La Leche League leader.

Mary Bider. Mary is a native of the United States and mother of three grown children. She loves the wide-open spaces of her homeland and the mountains of Switzerland. Mary has been a Mothering Matters Team Member for over a dozen years.

Yvette Merzbacher. Yvette is a veteran team member of Mothering Matters with a deep commitment and belief in the journal.

Keerthana Nagarajan. Keerthana is a freelance journalist. She lives with her husband and two little girls in Zurich. Keerthana worked previously in the Netherlands at Radio Netherlands Worldwide, covering South Asia news, and CNN’s sister concern in India, CNN-IBN, a 24-hour news channel. Here’s the link to all her published content. Keerthana’s  latest project, continnect, focusses on women. 



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